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Square #700 worked on 6M

Posted: July 22nd, 2012 under 6M, Hamradio.

July 1st I worked 1A0C on 6M CW and SSB. It was easy once the skip finally changed so that I could hear them good. 5C13KD was worked on CW. The band was pretty much dead until July 4th. I started calling a bit myself and UR5LMB answered my call. It turned out he is […]

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#134 on 6M with FJ/W6JKV

Posted: July 10th, 2012 under 6M, DX, Hamradio, Soundclips.

Wow, over a month has past again since my last post. Well, what can I say. Not too much radio and life is busy. Here's an update of the 6M stuff that I've worked since last time. On June 8th I had an ES opening down to EA7 and ZB. I worked ZQ2FK, ZQ2EO, EA7DRK, […]

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5 new squares on 6M

Posted: June 4th, 2012 under 6M, Hamradio, Soundclips.

Over a month has gone since I wrote my last post. Life has been busy and I haven't had too much to write about. Anyway, here are some of the stuff I've worked. Yemen was active in early May, but it wasn't a needed one. I did work 7O1YGF many years ago, so I didn't […]

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VY0HL in Zone 2 confirmed on 6M

Posted: April 1st, 2012 under 6M, Hamradio.

A few weeks back a card arrived in my mailbox. It was from Canada, and a long time has passed since I last mailed a card to Canada. Turns out it was VY0HL confirming my only Zone 2 contact on 6M. The openings to that part of the world is very rare and even more […]

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LA8AJA 6M aurora soundclips from G3TCT and LZ2STO

Posted: December 23rd, 2011 under 6M, DX, Hamradio, Soundclips.

While searching for my own callsign on Google, I came across a few soundclips of myself that I hadn't heard before. The one from LZ2STO is quite interesting. In that opening, I worked 4 x YU stations on aurora. It was not aurora all the way, it was an ES to aurora link active at […]

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