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Site updates

Posted: July 13th, 2008 under Hamradio, Homepage, LoTW.

Changelog: My lotw log has been updated til July third 2008. Logsearch also updated. 6M and 2M summary updated. Finished all custom headers for all the expedition pages.  4L3Y was worked for a new one the 2nd of July. That makes my total 111 on 6:)

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Another opening

Posted: July 2nd, 2008 under Hamradio.

6M opened again. CY0X was worked on SSB on July 28th. A bit later the band opened again to the US. K2LZQ, K4CIA, K3KO, W3UR and W4TJ was worked. Also heard N1DZ, but no reply. I see that 3 other LA’s have also worked CY0X. Glad we have some propagation up here. Also know that […]

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WOW. 6M really is the magic band, sometimes.

Posted: June 28th, 2008 under Hamradio.

After listening to white noise for something that felt like an eternity, 6M came alive. 6M hasn’t been much fun the last few weeks. A few spotty openings here and there, but not much interesting. I heard OD5/B and EP-TV on the 25th, but nothing interesting did show up. Seeing Europe working stuff like FJ/HI/KP4/V4 […]

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More 6M openings

Posted: June 4th, 2008 under Hamradio.

2 new grids worked. KM07 (SV8CS and only the third station in SV) and KN01 (Z31RM). That makes my total 509. Had a miss yesterday with ES4SA in KO49. He answered me, then dropped right out. A total of 3 stations were spotted in KO49, so I guess it will be possible to work later. […]

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6M alive with some nice signals

Posted: May 27th, 2008 under Hamradio.

Finally 6M opens up with sporadic-e again. I have only worked a handfull of qsoes, mostly listening for new squares and dx. Among the good stuff is working TA2ZAF (KM69) and CT3BD/P (IM12) for 2 new grids. 4X and 5B has been heard also, and lots of european stations. IS0SWW was worked for the third […]

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