JW Expedition by LA5QFA and LA8AJA
last update 20 March 2003
Finally. Here you can see our QSL-card. We have gotten the cards. LA6EIA has answered all the direct JW4X cards. The JW8AJA direct cards will be processed when received. Bureau processing has also started.

  • Date: January 14 - January 20 2002
  • QTH was JQ78, from JW5E's club house, Longyear City
  • Iota EU-026
  • Call used: 6M: JW4X, else JW5QFA and JW8AJA

Click here to download an mp3-file (437kb) that OH3NWQ, Vesa, recorded of us on 6M.
  • JW4X worked 274 QSO'es
  • JW5QFA worked about 1000 QSO'es
  • JW8AJA worked 3651 QSO'es