LA8AJA's homepage CW, DX'ing, HF/VHF, Contesting, DXPeditions Mon, 18 Jun 2018 17:39:35 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Mode statistics with data from Clublog Mon, 18 Jun 2018 06:00:38 +0000 modestats Back in late May of 2018, I noticed an email on the Club Log mailing list from Michael G7VJR, the author of Clublog. He wrote about the interest in the growth of the FT8 mode, and if other modes are losing out to it. He made the raw data available to anyone who wants to make anything out ot it. As I’ve played around a lot with databases, statistics and graphs, I thought, why not try to make something out of it. I made a page with graphs that present the data in different forms. As the possibilities with data like this are endless, I chose to make available yearly, monthly and daily graphs within the year specified. The data starts at January 1st 1990, and the raw data is usually updated from Club Log around the 10th of each month.

As for my own use of FT8, I’ve played with it since the first beta was out last year. I was running a few openings to North America on 6M last year, and I noticed that the openings were too short for JT65. That’s one of the reasons why FT8 was developed, and I also worked K1JT himself on 6M in July last year. The most interesting aspect with using a mode like FT8, is the opportunity to look at a map and see where I’ve been heard, and what I have heard. I use pskreporter all the time for this. I often leave my radio on when I am not in front of the radio, and then check the map later on to see how the propagation has been.

The problem with FT8, in my experience, seems to be that “everyone” are using it. If you listen on the FT8 frequencies, you hear a lot of activity. If you check the CW or SSB portion of the band, you either hear nothing, or very little. I don’t know if this is a period that will pass, but for the time being, FT8 is very popular. I use it, but at the same time, I found it a bit boring and unpersonal when it comes to making contacts on the radio.

Ok, enough with that, take a look at the statistics here.

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#339 worked with Z60A in the log Sat, 16 Jun 2018 10:46:49 +0000 z60a_qsl In January this year, it was announced that the Republic of Kosovo would be added to the DXCC list. It wasn’t long until a group started the activity on the bands.

My first qso this year, was 6O6O on 30M CW on January 2018. My previous qso was made back in November 2017. 6O6O was a joint expedition by LA7GIA and KO8SCA. That was the only band I managed to work them on.

On January 12th, I worked TY2AC on 40M CW for a new one on 40M.

On January 14th, I worked PJ7/UT6UD on 40M CW for a new one on 40M.

On January 24th, I worked Z60A on 30M CW for and all time new one. That means I’ve worked 339 DXCC’s. I only need 5 DXCC’s now to have worked them all. That was my first qso with Z6. I worked them on 40M, 20M and 17M CW a few days later.

On January 29th, I worked C81G on 30M CW from iota AF-061.

On March 6th, I worked Z2LA on 30M FT8. Z2LA was a joint dxpedition by LA7WCA, LA7THA and LA9VPA.

Om March 7th, I worked XV9DLH on 30M FT8 for a new one on digi.

On March 9th, I worked Z61AS on 30M FT8 for a new one on digi.

Om March 11th, I worked 3B9FR and C93PA on 30M FT8. Those were new on digi. I also worked 3D2EU and XR0YD on 30M CW.

On March 12th, I worked 3D2EU on 30M FT8 for a new one on digi.

On March 17th, I worked TN5R on 20M CW for a new one on 20M.

On March 18th, I Worked 3C0W on 20M for a new one on 20M. TJ2TT was worked on 17M CW for a new one on 17M. 5A1AL was worked on 17M FT8 for a new one on digi.

On March 20th, I worked TI2CC on 30M FT8 for a new one on digi.

On March 24th, I worked TJ2TT on 20M CW for a new one on 20M. I worked 9L/KW4XJ on 40M FT8 for a new one on digi.

On March 27th, I worked 9G5ZS on 30M FT8 for a new one on digi.

On April 1th, I worked JW7QIA on 40M FT8.

On April 2nd, I worked 5B/LA7THA on 20M CW. I worked YB6/JA1PBV on 30M CW from iota OC-161 for a new iota.

On April 7th, I worked VA7XW/VE2 on 30M CW from NA-038 for a new iota.

On April 11th, I worked VE7ACN/VE2 on 30M CW from NA-083 for a new iota.

On April 30th, I worked C96RRC on 17M CW from iota AF-088 for a new iota. YB3LZ/8 was worked on 30M FT8 from iota OC-242 for a new iota.

On May 1st, I worked AP2MQ on 20M FT8 for a new one on digi.

On May 7th, I worked C98RRC on 17M CW from iota AF-066 for a new iota.

That pretty much sums up the first half of this year. I’ve been playing around with FT8 (who hasn’t these days?) quite a lot. In that process, I’ve worked several new ones on digital. I’ve also gotten several confirmations on previous worked dxcc’s that weren’t confirmed. Hopefully I’ll write more often here, but I see that I’m not that motivated, or inspired, to write here. Life is busy, and I’ve been doing a lot of programming lately. I’ll write about that in a later post here.

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Site is now running https Mon, 19 Feb 2018 09:05:00 +0000 The site is now using https. Some things might be broken, but I will fix them as soon as I can.

JW8AJA LoTW stats for 2018 Fri, 16 Feb 2018 04:05:00 +0000 Here are my stats for my JW8AJA call. These stats are from February 16th, 2018. I have 93 DXCC’s confirmed and 50 states. It seems as I have gotten a Delaware confirmation without me noticing it. It turns out that K3WI has confirmed an LoTW contact. My log however, shows Maryland on that one. I don’t know how that one slipped past me. Anyway, all 50 states confirmed on LoTW. Now all I need are 7 more for LoTW DXCC.

The total percentage has not increased very much, but I see some new confirmations show up on LoTW from time to time. Keep those confirmations coming!

Yearly statistics:

Year # QSO’es # Confirmed %
2002 3651 1036 28.38 %
2006 1521 647 42.54 %
2011 2605 1417 54.40 %
Total 7777 3100 39.86 %

Band/Mode statistics:

Band/Mode Mixed Phone CW DIGI 80 40 30 20 17 15 12 10 6
Confirmed 93 50 76 41 9 49 38 80 27 25 29 22 1
LA8AJA LoTW stats for 2018 Tue, 23 Jan 2018 16:32:55 +0000 Here is my annual LoTW stat post for LA8AJA. These number are from January 21st. I’ve gotten 1 more DXCC confirmed on LoTW since the last report a year ago.  This time I only got almost a 1% increase in confirmed contacts via LoTW.

As I said last year, older QSO’es keep showing up on LoTW. All years, except 2005, has gotten more QSO’es confirmed. I like that very much. It’s just a pity that some stations who are very active, refuses to use LoTW.

Out of my 338 DXCC’s worked, I still need confirmation on LoTW from SV/a, EZ, JD1/m, VK0/m and VP6/d.

I just need two more current DXCC confirmed to have the required 331 confirmed for honor roll.

Yearly statistics:

Year # QSO’es # Confirmed %
1995 348 29 8.33 %
1996 1320 149 11.29 %
1997 3098 391 12.62 %
1998 1848 261 14.12 %
1999 2482 447 18.01 %
2000 2998 651 21.71 %
2001 1685 332 19.70 %
2002 585 108 18.46 %
2003 466 80 17.17 %
2004 44 15 34.09 %
2005 41 18 43.90 %
2006 216 90 41.67 %
2007 160 57 35.63 %
2008 444 195 43.92 %
2009 2021 986 48.79 %
2010 2056 1197 58.22 %
2011 1682 868 51.61 %
2012 1468 658 44.82 %
2013 651 426 65.44 %
2014 1452 714 49.17 %
2015 114 69 60.53 %
2016 580 396 68.28 %
2017 112 54 48.21 %
2018 3 2 66.67 %
Total 25874 8193 31.66 %

Here are my band, mode and DXCC statistics:

Band/Mode Mixed Phone CW DIGI 160 80 40 30 20 17 15 12 10 6 2
Confirmed 333 212 322 197 74 122 239 257 241 212 212 177 182 115 19

As always, keep the confirmations coming!

Happy new year 2018! Sun, 14 Jan 2018 11:10:35 +0000 fireworks Happy new DX year everyone. I know it’s a bit late, but now it’s done.

I haven’t posted a radio report in a while, so here it goes. Radio has been slow the least year, but I did work a few contacts.

On August 12th, I worked AL3/AA7CH on 20M. I’m not in the log, so I do not really know which call he did log.

On August 13th, I worked AL3/AA7CH on 30M CW from NA-042. I was in the log this time, and a new iota for me.

On August 26th, I worked NL6/AA7CH on 30M CW from NA-157 for a new iota.

On August 27th, I worked NL6/AA7CH on 20M CW from NA-157.

On October 6th, I worked RI1F on 30M CW from EU-190 for a new iota.

On October 8th, I worked RI1F on 40M CW from EU-190.

On October 15th, I worked H40GC on 40M CW for a new one on 40M.

On October 17th, I worked 3C0L on 30M CW for a new one on 30M.

On October 22nd, I worked F6KOP/p on 17M CW and 20M SSB from iota EU-148. That was a new iota for me.

On October 29th, I worked 3XY3D/p on 17M CW from AF-096 for a new iota.

On November 5th, I worked VK9MA on 30M CW for a new one on 30M. My friend LB8DC was one of the operators on that trip.

On November 19th, I worked EG1ET on 20M CW from EU-077 for a new iota.

That was it for a late report from 2017.


#333 on LoTW with 9E1C Tue, 26 Dec 2017 21:40:28 +0000 lotw-logo-c.jpg I got a nice surprise about a week ago. I’ve been waiting for ET7L to be acknowledged for DXCC, but it seems like that will neverhappen. I hear they used a commercial licence to work the contacts. Anyway, 9E1C suddenly popped up when I checked the most recent QSLs. That means I finally got Ethiopia confirmed. I’m now at #333 on LoTW, and I only need 5 more to have all my worked DXCC’s confirmed on LoTW.

Keep the confirmations coming 🙂

6M opening to NA on July 29th Sun, 19 Nov 2017 11:02:23 +0000 On July 29th, 6M suddenly opened to North America. This time I got a shot at trying out the new FT8 mode.

I started calling and I was answered by K3WW. W4YZJ, N3RG, K1JT, AK4QR, VE3MMQ, N2WK, VE3CKO and W3LL quickly followed in my log. The opening lasted around 35 minutes.

The opening was quite widespread as can be seen on the pictures from Pskreporter. It was fun to try out the new mode, and the shorter periods made it possible to use shorter time to work stations. I did struggle with the decode several times. I don’t know why, as the signal was audible and strong. It might have been qsb, the time might have been off, or it could have been related to the mode being in beta at that time.

heard-by-la8aja-on-6m-on-july-29th-2017 la8aja-being-heard-on-6m-on-july-29th-2017

6M aurora on July 16th Sun, 22 Oct 2017 20:39:18 +0000 la8aja_6m_aurora_july_16h_2017 This was quite a good aurora, and it started early in the day. My first qso was worked at 1253z.
The last qso was worked at 1537z. I worked a total of 48 qsoes, and many stations were new in my log. Usually I work quite a lot of dupes during these opening, but this time it was different.

I worked 33 gridsquares, and the longest qso was G4ELJ in IO91. I worked these 12 DXCC’s: DL, ES, G, GM, LA, LY, OH, OZ, PA, SM, SP and YL.

The map was made with a tool made by DL4MFM.

#151 worked on 6M with XE2CQ Tue, 17 Oct 2017 18:50:56 +0000 heard-by-la8aja-on-july-4th la8aja-was-heard-on-july-4th

It was July 4th. I was out cutting the gras. When I was finished, I had gotten a message from LA7QIA wondering if he should be home now.
As I had been outside, I didn’t really understand what he meant. I started checking things and noticed LA-stations were reporting hearing
stations from the west coast on 6M on JT65. I quickly ran to my station and turned everything on. On my first decode the frequency
were quite active with loud stations coming in.

I quickly started calling CQ, hoping to work a few stations. The first station in the log was NA6L. He was quickly followed by K7JA.
I noticed at the same time that I was hearing XE2CQ very strong. I have never heard Mexico on 6M, and I know only a few LA’s worked into Mexico during the F2-days several years ago. Luckily I managed to work him for #151 on 6M. That was something I had only dreamt about until this day, and it was also a new waz at the same time.

The opening continued on and I logged KR7O, K7JE, AA7A (WAS #41), KF2T (WAS #42), N7CW, N6RW, AI1K and finally N6ML. The opening lasted from 1710z until 1803z. I know I was being heard several places, but I couldn’t hear any stations at all. I can’t say why, and I don’t think my noiselevel was that high. K7ULS heard me in Utah, but I could never copy him. That would have been a new state. N6SPP even reported hearing me on a dipole 3M above ground. W7MEM heard me in Idaho, and I did notice that VE5UF had heard me as well.

This was the first time I worked into the west coast. I managed to work New Mexico a few years back, but I never made it any further. I know a few other LA’s did work all the way to the west coast.

The pictures are from pskreporter. The first are stations I heard, and the second are stations that heard me. I hope I’ll get one opening like this again.