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Posted: November 5th, 2015 under Hamradio, Software.

distplot_la8aja_example Example of the distance plotter made by LA8AJAThis idea came into life after a discussion I had with LA8HGA about skip-distance on 6M and the doughnut-effect. Why not take our own log for 6M and check the distances worked. The first version was quickly programmed, but the picture was only a static one, and you had to specify a lot more parameters than I would like. The second version uses a javascript framework to display the graphs with the ability to zoom and see only a specific interval.

You can upload your adif-file. It then checks the qso for specified band and if a maidenhead locator is specified. It then builds an array and plots a graph. Go here to try it out:

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Iota #600 in the log

Posted: October 19th, 2015 under Hamradio, Iota, Soundclips.

vy0m_na_248_melville_isl Ok, so I haven’t had much time for preparing the php-stuff I mentioned in my last post, so I’ll just post a small radio report.

On August 2nd, I worked VY0/VE3LYC on 20M CW from NA-009. He had a nice and solid signal, and it was a new iota in the log.

On August 3rd, I worked RA1ALA/1 on 20M SSB from EU-086. That was another new iota in the log.

On August 5th, I worked VY0M on 20M SSB from NA-248. The signal was so marginal for me, that I was a bit unsure he got my call correctly.

On August 6th, I worked VY0M on 20M CW. This time, the signal was much stronger, and he was quite easy to work. This time I was sure that he got me correctly in the log. Yet another new iota in the log for me.

On September 1st, I worked RT9K/0 on 30M CW from AS-203. The signal was quite good, and I was surprised at the signal when I looked at where the island was.

On September 4th, I worked 3B8CF on 15M CW. I was listening for another station that I could not hear, when 3B8 popped up.

On September 5th, I worked SV8/IZ4JMA on 20M CW from EU-113. I had been listening for him for several days, but either I could not hear him, or the signal was just too low. Anyway, a new iota in the log for me.

On September 6th, I worked YB8RW/5 on 20M CW from OC-106.

On September 14th, I worked YB5RW/5 on 20M CW from OC-108 for a new iota. I also worked MS0OXE on 20M CW and 40M SSB from EU-012. I did not have the iota confirmed, so I gave them a call. The manager is M0URX, so the qsl is sure.

On September 18th, I worked RI0QV/p on 30M CW from AS-029 for a new iota.

On September 29th, I worked RI0KV on 30M CW from AS-027 for yet another iota.

That was 8 new iota’s since my last report. I also passed 600 iota’s worked, and am currently at 601 in the log. Still, I’m only at about halfway in working all the iota’s.

I read some very exciting iota news the other. Paperless confirmations for iota are coming. Read the news here.


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Iota, iota, iota….

Posted: September 27th, 2015 under Hamradio, Iota, Software, Soundclips.

ri1pt_qsl_eu188 Wow, it’s been way too long since my last post. Well, I did post a few things, but not really anything about me working any radio. There are many reasons for this, and I will not bore you with too many details. Suffice to say, life has been very busy and my radio activity has been very low. I have barely reached 100 qsoes this year. It has very much to do with declining interest and that I have worked a lot of radio and dxcc’s in the past. As of this writing, I need 8 more countries to have worked them all. I do qualify for honor roll, but I have never bothered sending in an application.

I have also written some web-stuff in php, mostly for myself, but also for the fun of it. I will post some of the stuff here once I have more time. The stuff is pretty much feature-complete, but I think I should write some more information about them first.

Ok, enough of that. Let’s get over to the radio report.

On July 8th, I worked C31CT on 6M SSB. C3 is very rare for me here, and I chased him on CW at first. He went to SSB, and I had to wait a while until the signal would come up enough for me to work him. The distance and the mountains in Andorra makes this a difficult catch on 6M.

On July 13th, I worked OH/SM4IVE on 6M JT6m. He was qrv from KQ30. That was a new square for me.

On July 14th, OH/SM4IVE had moved to KP27, and I worked him again on 6M JT6M. This was yet another new square for me. He was also active from a few other squares too, but I didn’t manage to work him.

On July 15th, I worked VE1/DJ8QP on 20M CW from NA-127. This was a new iota for me.

On July 16th, I worked LA/DK2BJ on 6M CW from JP31. This is a very rare square in Norway.

On July 17th, I worked CT7/F8BBL/p on 20M SSB from EU-150. This was another new iota for me. I also managed to work LA/OH3KAV on 20M CW from EU-076. This was also a new iota.

On July 23rd, I worked RI1PT on 20M and 30M CW from EU-188. This was yet another new iota in the log.


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#327 on LoTW with K1N

Posted: August 15th, 2015 under DX, LoTW.

k1n_qsl This one was quite expected. With the upload of the K1N log to LoTW, I’m now up to #327 total confirmed on LoTW. That was the last one I was waiting for. I have no clue as to which one will be the next, but I guess it will be an expedition to one of the 9 I still need to work.

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JW7QIA into EM73 50.054mhz

Posted: July 2nd, 2015 under 6M, DX.

Here is a video of Peter JW7QIA being heard in USA June 30th, 2015. It was recorded by WW2DX.

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