OJ0LA VHF Summary
As many of you know, we weren't sure we had the space to bring along the vhf antennas. That is why we never did any official announcement that we would be qrv.

Luckily for many of you, we did in fact get all the equipment out to the lighthouse.

Here are what the station consisted of:

  • Rig: IC-756 pro3 + elecraft xv144 + mastmounted pre-amp + 170W PA
  • Antenna: 9 element vårgårda (4,5m boom)

  • Rig: IC-756 pro3 + acom 1000
  • Antenna: M2 6m7jhv (9,3m boom)
Our expectations weren't that big, but it was fun while it lasted. One problem, was that we only could run one band at a time. The take-off was excellent, as can be seen in the pictures section. This gave us excellent ground-gain wherever we were beaming.

Taken from the log:


eme: (8)
w7gj, pe1btx, w1jj, k1sg, w1vhf, k7ad, la8av, k6myc

tropo: (42)
es2rj, oh1xx, sm1cxe, sm6wet, sk6hd, sm6cco, oh7pi, oh2ma, es6rq, es0nw,
la7hja, la5g, sm5awo, oh2zh, oh0a, oh1lui, oj0rj, sm4hej, sm0bso, oh0jfp,
sm4jhk, sm3bei, sm3vee, sk4wv, lg5lg, sm6x, la2ab, oh6qr, es4eq, oh1leu,
oh1gmp, sm6wet, la8hga, oh1au, oh2le, oh2naf, oh6ng/3, sm4dhf, sm4xip,
sm4l, sa1a, sm5inc

cw ms: (4)
dl1eja, g3fpq, s57rr, dh6jl

jt6m: (46)
la8av, oz1djj, g4dez, pe1btx, oz6aba, pf7m, g4pci, g0gms, la8nk, oz1pif,
pe2pe, dk5wl, sp9hwy, g1oar, pa2v, gm4wja, mm5ajw, g0che, on6ab, oz4vv,
oh7te, uz5dz, pe1czg, g4igo, mm0amw, dl9ms, oz1bnn, ok1do, es6do, oh1nd,
on5kl, ok6im, ha3uu, sm1tde, sp2iqw, oz1iep, sm6cmu, ha6nn, ut7uv,
oz1bnn, es6rq, la7aj, g4hgi, m0oar, pa0jmv, oh6mik

DXCC: (16)
W, PA, LA, ES, OH, SM, DL, G, S5, OZ, SP, GM, ON, UT, OK, HA



tropo: (75)
oh1nd, oh1mn, es2rj, oh6ktl, sm7gvf, sm0gwx, sm1cxe, sm5efp, sm7dtt,
sk0ct, oh5lk, sm4bdq, sm3lbn, sm0kak, sm0epo, sm7wsj, es2rj, es7gn,
es7gm, es5pc, sp2iqw, sm5cui, sm3ufs, sm6wet, sm3eyd, sm7wsj, sp2jyr,
sq2eeq, sk4bx, oh3byz, sm3dtr, oh6pa, oz1pif, dl9ms, oh6qu, sm2ckr,
rx1as, oz1max, es6do, yl2ok, ly2baw, la8hga, sm4km, sm4efw, sm3ved,
es3rf, oh1ma, rw3ll, ly2le, sm0dxg, oh3jr, oh2bpu, sm3dgg, es6rq,
sk6hd, la9l, ru1aa, ru1ac, es2cm, oz1bef, oz5agj, oz1cll, oz2tf, sm7die,
sm5dff, dl5wg, db6nt, oz1dld, oz1fdh, oz2m, oh1ma, sm6euj, oz3k, oz5nm,

fsk441: (30)
dk3ee, pe1btx, ok1dfc, pa3fpq, pa4eme, df5nk, dk5wl, ok1fd, pa5km, df8ik,
dl8ebw, df2zc, f1duz, dj9cz, f6ape, dl6zau, pa0jmv, oz1lpr, dl1rnw,
pa3cob, on4khg, s54t, ly2baw, pa0pvw, df0wd, sp6gwb, om3bc, ha5lv, ha6nq,

eme: (2)
ea6vq, hb9q

DXCC: (18)
OH, ES, SM, SP, OZ, DL, UA, YL, LY, LA, PA, OK, F, S5, OM, HA, EA6, HB9