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Hi. My name is Andreas. I am 44 years old. I am a radioamateur, and my callsign is LA8AJA. Here are some facts about me:

  • Got first licence (LB4WE) in May 1995
  • Got LA licence in October 1995
  • I work HF/6M/2M CW/SSB/RTTY, worked 300+ countries on HF
  • I like CW a lot. I train now and then with RUFZMorse Runner and Pileup Runner. If you like CW, check them out. Also have a look at my Morserunner page
  • I’ve been on a few hamradio expeditions. Check my expedition page for more information.

On this page you’ll find various stuff about me. Most of it is hamradio related. I have several hamradio expeditionpages on my page. Check them out. I also program some hamradio utilities for others to use. Check them out under software.


80M: I’m using an inv-v barely 8m above ground, which was put up in November 2013.
40M, 30M, 20M, 17M, 15M, 12M, 10M: biggir.jpg Right now I’m just running a BiggIR vertical from 40M to 10M. It’s elevated 6M above ground with 2 eleveted radials for each band.
6M: la8aja_6m7jhv On 6M I now have 6M7JHV from M2. It was put up on May 30th 2009. It’s about 10-11M above ground and a solid performer so far.
2M:I am currently QRT on 2M, but hope to have some antennas up one day.

6M Summary:

Last update 27-jun-2022

From May 30th 2009, I am running a 6M7JHV 7 element yagi from M2.

DXCC Locators Fields WAZ WAS IOTA
175 984 77 32 46 116


2M Summary:

Last update 13-Jul-2008

I started on 2M back in 1996. LA7EJA and I wanted to try the NAC contest. We had a 9 element yagi and 100w. At that first test we worked OH, SM, OZ and LA. This was amazing for us, cause we were only used to a few tens of km’s. This got me hooked on 2m, but it wasn’t until october 1997 I got my own rig, the Kenwood TR-751e. I put up a 9 element yagi and started working aurora.

I’ve also tried some meteor-scatter during the big showers, but I had no setup for hscw. I only did a few SSB-MS QSO’es.

In 2000 I worked my first sporadic-e opening. I worked 31 QSO’es with 25w and a Diamond X-300 vertical, cause the yagies were down. In 2005 I moved to a new qth where I hopefully will get a permanent setup with some nice antennas. In the meanwhile I have from time to time had a temporary setup with 2 x 9 element yagies and 170w.

Here you’ll find a small summary about my 2M activities and what I have worked.

DXCC Locators Fields Aurora Tropo Es MS EME
36 176 9 1539km 833km 1918km 1872km 6485km

Locator Map (worked squares):

(click on picture)



I don’t do contesting much, I’m more of a casual contester. I enjoy working the pile-up’s and the dx. I have done a few 2M NAC tests and a few small Norwegian contests. Sometimes I work a few contacts now and then in contests just to up my dxcc number. From 2003, I have had the opportunity to work from LA8W. Visit LA8W Homepage here. Take a look at the photogalleries for pictures of the station.

I have participated in the following major contests:



2003: OJ0LA SAC CW, LA8W CQWW CW Summary.


2005: LI8W (station LA8W) WPX CW Summary, LN8W (station LA8W) CQWW CW Summary, LN8W (station LA8W) CQWW RTTY Summary.

2006: LN3Z (station LA3Z) WPX CW Summary, LN8W (station LA8W) CQWW CW Summary.

2007: LN8W (station LA8W) SAC CW Summary, LN8W (station LA8W) CQWW CW Summary.

2008: LN8W (station LA8W) SAC CW, LN8W (station LA8W) CQWW CW

2009: LA8AJA (station LA8W) CQWW 160 CW, LN8W (station LA8W) SAC CW

2010: OH8X ARRL CW

2022: LN8W WPX SSB (for a few hours to see the new station)