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Soundclips 2M

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Last update 12 June, 2001

Stations heard/worked

# 2M: Locator Mode Propagation Info Date
1 DF0WD JO42 CW aurora   11 aug 2000
2 DG0RG JO62JV SSB aurora   04 oct 2000
3 DL1EJA JO31DS CW aurora   2000
4 DL3SWS JO53SG CW aurora   04 oct 2000
5 ES2WX KO29JN CW aurora   2000
6 EW2FD, 2 KO34KJ CW aurora Third time I’ve heard EW, couldn’t make myself heard this time either. First recording was when I first heard him, the second is a few minutes later, slightly weaker. aug 2000
7 G4LOH IO94IA CW aurora 4 x 18 el yagies 2000
8 GM1XOI IO85AT CW aurora he did not copy me 2000
9 LA2AB JO59FV CW aurora 4 x 17 el yagies, 300w 2000
10 LY2IC KO14WW CW aurora   2000
11 OH1XT KP01UK CW aurora Jari 09 may 2001
12 OK1AGE/P JO70GU SSB tropo also heard on aurora the evening before, did not work him 13 sep 1999
13 OK1VMS JO70GU CW aurora Did not hear me aug 2000
14 OZ1DD JO45VT CW aurora Big signal ๐Ÿ™‚ 2000
15 RK2FWA KO04FT CW aurora Dima, I put up the antenna just to work him ๐Ÿ™‚ 09 may 2001
16 RW1AW, 2 KP50EB CW aurora 4x17el, chased him many auroras until he finally heard me ?
17 SM6HBI JO58RF CW aurora weak tropo also detectable 30 sep 2000
18 SP1CNV JO84CF CW aurora   2000
19 UA1WER KO47 CW aurora only heard ?
20 YL3AG KO26AW CW aurora 8 yagies 2000


Beacons heard

# 2M: Locator Mode Propagation Info Date
1 DL0PR JO44 CW tropo heard on aurora, but first time on tropo 2000
2 LA2VHF JP53EG CW aurora   ?
3 LA4VHF JP20LG CW aurora this is the strongest I’ve heard this beacon 12 aug 2000
4 SK4MPI JP70NJ CW aurora the aurora indicator…. ?
5 SK4MPI JP70NJ CW aurora   ?
6 SK4MPI JP70NJ CW aurora   ?

Some of you may think that my aurora recordings sound very different from what you are used to. Well, the reason is that I used the W9GR dsp with the noise cancelling filter. I discovered this when playing with the dsp on 2M, and it was very effective.