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Last update December 2nd, 2022.

Morserunner is now open source. Other developers have continued the excellent work done by Alex, VE3NEA. Grab the latest version here. The official toplist has been removed by Alex, VE3NEA. The toplist I have here, will stay just for the fun of it.

Hi. As you probably have figured out, I do like CW a lot. Why would I ever create a page like this. This page is just meant to give you some hints on how to maximize your score. At the moment I’m the top LA, but LA6YEA is not far behind. After he started chasing me, my score improved a lot. If I remember correctly, my score was around 19500, and when I started training again, I got 28841. I managed to improve this again with a 200+ QSO run. My current score is now 32118. What I find very impressive with this program, is the realistic audio. Combine this with lids, qrm, qsb and qrn and you’ll feel like you’re on 20m running a contest. Getting a good score is quite a challenge, a good portion of luck and skill is needed! I did get a few more hints from F6IRF, who passed my score twice on the highscore list. One with F6IRF, and one with his contest call, CN2WW. Check out Pat’s training before wpx 2006 here. I have updated Pat’s hints below.

Here are all the LA’s that have submitted their score. Click on my callsign to see the screenshot and info on my current record.


Morserunner tips:

  • Never ever guess a call, rst or number! You need all the valid QSO’es you can get.
  • If you make a mistake in the call, the calling station will in many cases give his call again. Quickly log him, this time with correct call.
  • Use at least Activity=5. This way less CQ and more pile-up, which in the end will lead to more QSO’es. F6IRF uses 4, RW3GU uses 6 according to his screenshot. I think you have to find out what suits you best.
  • Get at least 2 letters in a call before even thinking of sending a report.
  • One thing I noticed, is that sometimes only one figure or one letter is enough to get the station to come back… you just have to double it; for ex. if you pick-up 6, just come back with 66 + report – very often the station with 6 will come back, if not alone with light pile-up… this saves a lot of time. (Thanks F6IRF)
  • If you can’t pick any call in the pile-up, call CQ. As this may create even more chaos, you should always use this as a last resort. Working out the pile-up is always the preferred way.
  • Go to Morserunner homepage to grab the program.
  • Take a look at RW3GU’s impressive score.