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December 2022


Site was down for a few days!

Posted: November 5th, 2021 under Homepage.

I just noticed today that the page was down. My host updated to PHP8 a few days ago, and it turns out, that some of the stuff I use here, is not compatible with PHP8. I managed to get the page working again by deactivating a few plugins, updating another plugin, and updating the theme. Guess that really is a kick in the behind to update the theme and plugins to something newer.

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Distance records for LA/JW/JX

Posted: April 11th, 2021 under Hamradio.

I’ve added a few new pages here. They contain a list of distance records on different bands on different propagation modes. They are far from complete, but hopefully I’ll add some more info when people contribute with information. Thanks to LA0BY for giving me a push to get these lists online.

LA distance records

JW distance records

JX distance records

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Radio summary for 2020

Posted: April 5th, 2021 under 6M, Hamradio.

As promised, here is the summary from last year:

I worked 6 new countries on 6m last year. I did hear YB, 4S7 and VR2, but I never managed to work them. We also had several amazing openings to the far east. I didn’t work all the openings, but I did have the radio on to monitor. I also had several good openings to North America, where I managed to work Kansas and Indiana for 2 new states. I only need 5 more states to have WAS on 6m. When I check the log, I worked 80 new grids on 6m, which makes for a #904 grids worked.

18/06/2020HLRepublic Of Korea
18/05/2020HZSaudi Arabia

2 new iota’s was worked last year:

07/04/2020AS-207Chukchi Sea Coast Centre groupR0KR207RRC
19/03/2020AS-068Kara Sea Coast Centre groupR0BRI0B

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Happy new year 2021!

Posted: February 7th, 2021 under Hamradio.

Here we are again. Yet another year has passed. I’ve not written a single post. It’s sad that I never got around to it. Radio activity is very low, as it has been for several years. I’m mostly active during the summer when 6m is open. Last year was no exception, and I managed to work several new ones.

To sum up 2019 quick:

I worked 4 new ones on 6m that year. E3, 9G, UA9 and CY9. The three first, were on FT8. That’s where most of the things happen these days. CY9C was in fact on SSB. I was extremely lucky to catch an opening at the same time as an expedition was there.

06/08/2019CY9Saint Paul Island
27/07/2019UA0Asiatic Russia

9 new iota’s was worked:

10/11/2019OC-111Shepherd IslandsYJ
29/08/2019NA-210Nome County Centre groupKL
25/08/2019EU-112Shiant IslandsGM,MM
25/07/2019EU-126Lappi Province groupOH9
25/07/2019NA-055ME State East groupW1
24/07/2019AS-063Laptev Sea Coast East groupR0B
23/03/2019NA-150Little Diomede IslandKL
22/03/2019NA-081NS Province East groupVE1

I will be back with a short summary for 2020 as well.

That’s it, happy late new year everyone. May the dx gods be with you.

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Happy new year 2020!

Posted: January 26th, 2020 under Hamradio.


Happy new DX year everyone. Better late than never they say. I haven’t given up on this site, but life is quite busy, and I rarely find time to sit down and do any stuff here. Radio is likewise. I barely worked any radio last year. I’ll be back with a report from last year.

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