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SAC CW 2014 Report

Posted: September 26th, 2014 under Contesting, Hamradio.

Call: LA8AJA Operator(s): LA8AJA Station: LA8AJA Class: SOAB (A) HP QTH: Eina Operating Time (hrs): ~15 Location: Scandinavia Band QSOs Mults 80: 91 24 40: 261 37 20: 356 43 15: 339 47 10: 62 27 Total: 1109 178 Total Score 465,292   I didn’t have the opportunity last year to work the SAC contest. […]

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A small CQWW CW report and some DX in the log

Posted: December 8th, 2013 under Contesting, Hamradio, Iota, Soundclips.

This year I had planned to participate a bit more in the CQWW CW contest than I did. But I managed to put in some time, mainly to gather more LoTWconfirmations on 80M. I now have DXCC confirmed on 40M-6M on LoTW. 160M and 80M are the ones missing.  On November 23rd in CQWW CW […]

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SAC CW 2012 Diploma in the mail

Posted: August 28th, 2013 under Contesting, Diploma, Hamradio.

Some time during last week I got a big envelope in the mail. I had noe clue as to what it was, but when I opened it, I got this diploma. #1 in Norway, but I think I was the only participant. I worked around 500 qsoes just for fun in that contest. Thank you […]

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PT0S new on CW and a small CQWW CW report

Posted: November 29th, 2012 under Contesting, DX, Hamradio.

I only have a small update to write about this time. I worked PT0S on 30M CW on November 15th and 40M CW on November 17th. That was a new one on CW since I’ve only worked St. Peter and Paul Rocks on 10M RTTY before. I didn’t bother to work them anywhere else. Last weekend […]

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SAC CW 2012 and some DX

Posted: September 30th, 2012 under Contesting, DX, Hamradio, Iota, Soundclips.

Little radio since last time, though I have a short report here. Since last time, I worked RW0BG/9 in AS-109 for a new iota. R7LP/0 was also worked but I’m not 100% sure on this iota. I think it is AS-149. If it is, I worked it once before. OZ3FYN/p was worked from EU-172 as […]

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