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Gridmaker for DX Atlas

This is a tool for making gridsquare files to display in DX Atlas. The purpose is to have a map with all your worked/confirmed gridsquares. Upload your adif-file and try it out. Try Gridmaker for DX Atlas here.

Distance statplotter

This is a util for displaying the distances worked on a band, and how many contacts has been worked on each distance. You upload your adif-file, enters your gridsquare and chooses band. The result will be displayed in a barchart. Try Distance statplotter here.


This is a util for making kml-files for Google Earth. The kml plots your contacts. Upload your adif-file and try it out. Try KMLmaker here.


This is a util for displaying the time of day where you worked a DXCC. You upload your adif-file, choose dxcc and band, and then click plot. You will get a barchart divided in 30 minute intervalls. Try Timeplotter here.


This is a Norwegian hamradio callbook based on the official lists from NKOM. You can search and see them placed on a map. You will also get some statistics. Check out LACallbook here.