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January 2021


JW8AJA LoTW stats for 2017

Posted: February 7th, 2017 under Hamradio, LoTW.

Here are my stats for my JW8AJA call. These stats are from February 6th, 2017. I have 91 DXCC’s confirmed and still 49 states. I really need another trip to get Delaware confirmed on LoTW. The percentage is up 1% since last year, and 1 more DXCC total.

Yearly statistics:

Year # QSO’es # Confirmed %
2002 3651 1013 27.75 %
2006 1521 633 41.62 %
2011 2605 1397 53.63 %
Total 7777 3043 39.13 %

Band/Mode statistics:

Band/Mode Mixed Phone CW DIGI 80 40 30 20 17 15 12 10 6
Confirmed 91 50 74 40 9 49 38 78 26 25 29 21 1

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LA8AJA LoTW stats for 2017

Posted: February 5th, 2017 under Hamradio, LoTW.

Here is my annual LoTW stat post for LA8AJA. These number are from February 5th. I’ve gotten 5 more DXCC’s confirmed on LoTW since the last report a year ago. I did work a few more contacts last year, than the previous year. And I also worked several new DXCC’s, which luckily resulted in new confirmations on LoTW. I’ve gotten an almost 2% increase in confirmed contacts via LoTW too.

What is really interesting to see, is that older QSO’es keep showing up on LoTW. All years, except 2004 and 2005, has gotten more QSO’es confirmed. I like that very much. It’s just a pity that some stations who are very active, refuses to use LoTW.

Out of my 338 DXCC’s worked, I still need confirmation on LoTW from ET, SV/a, EZ, JD1/m, VK0/m and VP6/d.

Yearly statistics:

Year # QSO’es # Confirmed %
1995 348 26 7.47 %
1996 1320 146 11.06 %
1997 3098 384 12.40 %
1998 1848 244 13.20 %
1999 2482 431 17.37 %
2000 2998 635 21.18 %
2001 1685 319 18.93 %
2002 585 102 17.44 %
2003 466 74 15.88 %
2004 44 14 31.82 %
2005 41 18 43.90 %
2006 216 88 40.74 %
2007 160 52 31.82 %
2008 444 190 42.79 %
2009 2021 971 48.05 %
2010 2056 1182 57.49 %
2011 1682 849 50.48 %
2012 1470 648 44.08 %
2013 651 420 64.52 %
2014 1453 704 48.45 %
2015 115 67 58.26 %
2016 584 374 64.04 %
2017 4 1 25.00 %
Total 25771 7939 30.81 %

Here are my band, mode and DXCC statistics:

Band/Mode Mixed Phone CW DIGI 160 80 40 30 20 17 15 12 10 6 2
Confirmed 332 210 322 192 73 121 235 250 235 209 210 174 182 113 19

As always, keep the confirmations coming!

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Happy new year everyone

Posted: January 31st, 2017 under Hamradio.

fireworks Well, it’s quite late for wishing people a happy new year, but better late than never. It’s once again been a long time since I’ve written something here. There are several reasons for that. Life is quite busy now, and this page has not been a priority lately. I have barely worked any radio since November. Anyway, I will try to catch up on a few posts here to summarize some of the DX I have worked. Until then, I wish you a good new DX year.

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Small opening to North-America on 6M

Posted: November 17th, 2016 under 6M, Hamradio, Soundclips.

6m_august_2016_na_opening Time flies way too fast. I see that I haven’t written anything here since late July. 6M season ES-season is done here. It’s more back to working meteorscatter or the occasional aurora. However, when you think the summer season is done, it throws you a curveball. In August we had a surprise opening to North America on 6M. You can see the grids worked in the attached picture. The tool was generated with a tool written by DL4MFM. You can try the tool here.

On June 15th, we got an opening on 6M to Northern Norway. I worked LA7DHA in JP68 and LA7HAA in JP78. JP68 was a new grid on 6M.

On June 19th, I worked A45XR on 6M CW. 9K2NO was worked on 6M CW from LL39. That was a new grid on 6M.

On June 21st, I worked LA/DK2BJ on 6M JT6M from JP44 for a new grid.

On August 8th, I worked LB7FA on 6M JT6M from JP88 for a new grid.

On August 9th, I worked EI9E on 6M SSB from IO44 for a new grid. I did also copy S01WS on 6M CW for a quite a while.

On August 13th, I worked OJ0DX on 6M CW on backscatter from around 150 degrees. The signal had heavy qsb, but peaked S9 at times.

On August 14th, I got a surprise opening to North America on 6M. I managed to work 10 stations, and 3 of them were new calls in the log.  The opening was concentrated into a pretty small area, and I only worked FN31, FN41, FN42, FN43, FN44, FN54 and FN65. That was the first time I every worked USA and Canada on 6M in August.

On August 20th, I worked CY9C on 40M and 30M CW.

On August 23rd, I got a nice aurora on 6M. I worked 21 stations in GM, OH, LA, SM, OZ and EI. LA6TPA was worked on 6M CW in JP54 for a new grid.

On August 24th, I worked 5A1AL on 30M CW.

On August 26th, I worked CY9C on 20M CW.

On August 27th, I worked CY9C on 17M SSB and CW. K9AJ/VY0 was worked on 20M CW from NA-159 for a new iota.


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Big 6M opening to North America on 6M

Posted: July 29th, 2016 under 6M, DX, Hamradio.

6m_opening_june_13th_2016 On June 13th, I noticed on ON4KST that Europe was running North-America on 6M. I turned the yagi and started listening. To my surprise, I could hear several stations. I heard several stations on CW and SSB. I gave a few stations a call on SSB. Among them was VO1KVT in GN29. That was a new square for me. I very rarely hear VO1 here, so that was quite fun.

I went to CW and started calling. It wasn’t long until I got my first answer. After that, the callers continued for quite a while. I also got several new gridsquares, but no new states. I ended up with 53 contacts in CT, FL, GA, MA, ME, MS, NC, NH, NJ, NY, PA, SC and TX. While working USA, HI3TEJ called in. That is the only station I’ve worked from the Caribbean this year.

This was one of my best openings to North-America. Very often, the openings start very late in the evening for me, but this opening started around 14z. I could probably have worked many more stations, but I spent a lot of time listening around for new states as well.

If you look at the picture, the path and most of the calls worked, can be seen.

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