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#224 on LoTW with J28OO

Posted: April 30th, 2009 under Hamradio, Iota, LoTW.

I got a nice surprise on LoTW the other day with J28OO confirmed on 40M CW. That brings my total up to #224 LoTW only. I also got D4C confirmed on RTTY. Thanks. On Thursday morning I worked ID9N on 40M CW for Iota EU-017. They had a nice signal here in Norway.

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Google honors the birthdate of Samuel F.B. Morse

Posted: April 27th, 2009 under Morse.

When I checked Google this morning, I noticed they swapped their logo for morsecode. It read google, when clicking on the morsecode, I found that they link to Samuel F.B. Morse. He was born April 27, 1791. Check my picture here to see it, or go to Google yourself. What a nice gesture!

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5X1NH on 40M CW and 20M RTTY

Posted: April 23rd, 2009 under DX, Hamradio, RTTY, Soundclips.

Last Thursday I got S04R on 20M CW, In the evening, I got 5X1NH on 40M CW for a new one (#236 40M). He had a very nice signal, just like last time I heard him, but couldn’t get through the pile-up. On Monday evening, I also worked him on 20M RTTY. I have 5X on […]

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Norwegian Hammeeting 2009

Posted: April 19th, 2009 under Hamradio.

Yesterday, LA7HJA and I visited Letohallen in Eidsvoll. That’s where the Norwegian Hammeeting 2009 took place this weekend. There are a variety of lectures held there, they have a big fleamarket and a few shops are represented with lots of radios and radiostuff. Also LADXG and NRRL held their annual meeting. I met lots of […]

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S04R on RTTY

Posted: April 16th, 2009 under DX, Hamradio, RTTY, Soundclips.

I worked S04R on 30M CW and RTTY on Monday. S04R was a new one on RTTY (#183). On Tuesday, I worked S04R on 17M RTTY. I also worked S79UCX on 20M CW. On Thursday morning I got S04R on 40M CW. To visit S04R homepage, go here. They will have an online log which will […]

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