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April 2024


Another opening

Posted: July 2nd, 2008 under Hamradio.

6M opened again. CY0X was worked on SSB on July 28th. A bit later the band opened again to the US. K2LZQ, K4CIA, K3KO, W3UR and W4TJ was worked. Also heard N1DZ, but no reply. I see that 3 other LA’s have also worked CY0X. Glad we have some propagation up here. Also know that LA8HGA worked TO5E (FJ) for an LA first. Too bad I wasn’t home. Maybe I’ll get a shot another day.

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WOW. 6M really is the magic band, sometimes.

Posted: June 28th, 2008 under Hamradio.

After listening to white noise for something that felt like an eternity, 6M came alive. 6M hasn’t been much fun the last few weeks. A few spotty openings here and there, but not much interesting. I heard OD5/B and EP-TV on the 25th, but nothing interesting did show up. Seeing Europe working stuff like FJ/HI/KP4/V4 and lots of US stations, it becomes quite boring. That is till yesterday night. CY0X was spotted and worked in SM and OZ. Click to continue

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More 6M openings

Posted: June 4th, 2008 under Hamradio.

2 new grids worked. KM07 (SV8CS and only the third station in SV) and KN01 (Z31RM). That makes my total 509. Had a miss yesterday with ES4SA in KO49. He answered me, then dropped right out. A total of 3 stations were spotted in KO49, so I guess it will be possible to work later. Tried with OH7HXH (KP53), we both had signals, but just too weak to be workable. SV9GPV got in the log yesterday for my second SV9. SV9 is quite rare to work from here. During the last week, the band has been open to most of eu with some really strong signals. Too bad no DX. Hopefully something really exotic will show up in June or July. As a sidenote, I am doing some updates on this website. Some noticable, some not.

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6M alive with some nice signals

Posted: May 27th, 2008 under Hamradio.

Finally 6M opens up with sporadic-e again. I have only worked a handfull of qsoes, mostly listening for new squares and dx. Among the good stuff is working TA2ZAF (KM69) and CT3BD/P (IM12) for 2 new grids. 4X and 5B has been heard also, and lots of european stations. IS0SWW was worked for the third time on the 24th. Still my only IS0 station. It’s a difficult distance on sporadic-e.

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Not much going on

Posted: April 13th, 2008 under Hamradio, Homepage.

Things are kinda slow for the time being. No radioactivity, but am looking forward to some 6m openings again. Hopefully, by then I’ll have my 7 element up in the air. I do have to wait for all the snow to melt though.

LA9L lecture went well. That was my fourth lecture about OJ0LA. Maybe I inspired some guys to go on a trip, at least I hope so.

Yesterday I attended the big hammeeting here in Norway. Click here for link. I was the lucky guy talking about LA8W in the contest forum. The other guys have stage fright, so they nominated me. LA3Z and LA9Z were also presented. You can see a few pics and an article about the meeting here and here.

As a sidenote, I am looking into giving this website a new look with a php+mysql system, so it’s easier to maintain. I have no idea when that will happen, hopefully some time soon:) I’m also helping out my friends at LA3Z with a new page as well. Until next time .-.-. … -.-

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