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December 2008


FK8CP and YI9AJ on 40M CW, VR2XMT and XW1B on RTTY

Posted: December 27th, 2008 under DX, Hamradio, LoTW, RTTY, Soundclips.

Finally a few days off and some more time for radio. Conditions seemed fairly good on Thursday. The first one in the log was FK8CP Remi on 40M (#219) CW. Then I noticed XW1B was on RTTY on 20M, I was too late, but found VR2XMT Charlie instead and worked him for  a new one on RTTY (#172). Several years ago, I heard Charlie on 6M, but I couldn’t work him. Hopefully when 6M opens again for F2, he’ll get in my log. WH6R was CQ’ing with not too many takers on 40M CW. I got him after repeating my call several times. He was in for hours. Listen to him below. The last new one was YI9AJ on 40M (#220) CW.

On Friday XW1B was on again. This time on 40M RTTY (#173). He was easily worked, and had a BIG signal as usual. E21EJC was CQ’ing down on CW with a nice signal. I gave him a call and worked him easily. I decided I wanted to try a few calls, since band conditions seemed fairly good. The first to answer was K6KII Cliff. Quickly followed by 4 other California stations. The other stations worked were W6AUG, AE6RS, K6YK and W6FI. W6FI was the strongest signal and were peaking 599. I had a quick try on 30M and worked WS1F Bob again. I worked him on 17M back in 1999. W2MF Manny called in with a good signal. The last QSO in the log was F5BTT Pierre, who visited my homepage and left a message in my guestbook. You had a nice signal Pierre, and I hope to work you again on other bands.


On LoTW I got another new one confirmed with UN7GCE. Total now is 197. Other nice ones confirmed are VK9CXJ, V26K, VP2EDL and JE6UWU who I worked on 30M last weekend.

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