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January 2009


Having fun on 40M

Posted: January 13th, 2009 under DX, Hamradio, LoTW.

9006.jpg I worked E44M on Monday on 40M SSB. I haven’t chased them much at all. I have worked E4 on many bands, but still need them on RTTY. I have tried them a few times on 30M, but haven’t been able to work them. One of the times they were too weak to copy, the other time I couldn’t break the pile-up. They were on 17M as well, but not decodable here.

On Saturday I had more time for radio. TI4CF Carlos were spotted on SSB. He was strong as always. I gave him a quick call to say hello, but struggled to copy him, because too many stations were calling all the time. I went down to CW and gave a few calls for DX. First station was W5CN Marc in TX. He was running 100W and a twin-cage doublet and had a quite good signal. I worked 2 more stations from the US, then suddenly JF1CBT called in with a good signal from Japan. A few minutes later Gary ZL2IFB called in for a new band. I worked him on 30M last year. Tony ZL2AGY also called in for a new band. I worked him on 30M many years ago. Nice to work people on new bands.

I gave it another go on Sunday morning. W5TZC Larry was booming from Arkansas. He was running a big pile-up, but no problem to get through to him. Afer the contact, I went down in the band and gave a CQ. That resulted in 15 JA stations. Several of them called in for a second band contact. Signals were very strong this morning with a few of the JA’s having heavy echo on their signal. Totally 29 QSO’es this weekend, among them 2 ZL, 8 W and 17 JA.

As always, logs will be uploaded to LoTW.

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