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February 2009


Jim Smith – VK9NS – SK

Posted: February 12th, 2009 under Hamradio.

vk9ns.jpg It is sad to hear this news indeed. I never had the pleasure working Jim from home, but I did work him once from A52JS. Jim activated many new and rare countries in his ham-career and also worked all the countries on SSB, Mixed and only missing one on CW. Jim was also inducted into the CQ DX Hall of Fame in 1986. One of his last big projects was writing his autobiography, The Old Timer. R.I.P. Jim.

It is with deep sadness that I inform you that Jim (VK9NS) passed peacefully away on Norfolk Island at 15:40 local time on 10 February 2009 after a short illness.

Jim is survived by his wife Kirsti (VK9NL) and his four children: Bruce (G3HSR), Stuart, Sheena and Fraser (all living in the UK).

Jim’s contribution to Amateur Radio, DX-ing and IOTA is inestimable. He will be sadly missed.

Further information and condolences can be sent to Kirsti at jimkirsti(at)

Bruce (G3HSR)

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February 14, 2009


Jim was already an “old timer” in my eyes when, as 5Z4KL, we first met on the air over 40 years ago (he was then G3HSR). Veronica and I did not “eyeball” him until some 35 years later when he (and a few stalwarts), squeezed into our hotel room at a ham convention here in Scotland, following the closure of the bar. Though the oldest by a fair margin, he regaled us with stories of past exploits, and indeed outstayed everyone, finally heading for breakfast around 7am!
The amateur radio world has lost a real giant, and also a true friend to so many… We think of Kirsti and his family at this sad time…
You’ve gone to the ultimate DX location Jim, but you will never be forgotten…
André, GM3VLB/5Z4KL/3D2LB

Ulis K3LU

February 15, 2009


It’s always so sad when we loose a valued member of our amateur radio fraternity. I missed working may of the great hams during my 30 plus years of ham radio 9N1MM, JY1, K7UGA, G5RV, VP2VB & W4BPD to name a few that just slipped away and now are gone forever but I can say I did work VK9NS and oddly distinctly remember our short CW QSO though it’s been probably well over 20 some years ago. Jim was working pileups on 10 meter CW but the band was fading fast on the East Coast USA. I resorted to putting on the headphones as his signal got weaker and weaker but thought for sure I wouldn’t work him as he couldn’t possibly hear my little 100w station with a 25′ 3 element yagi. I kept calling with the hopes I would make it. Finally as his signal was about to fade out I heard my call. Excited I sent his report and then Jim faded out as he called QRZ. I couldn’t believe it! A minute more and I would not of worked him. After I worked Jim, I spun the dial and did not hear another station on band. For that reason our QSO and Jim’s callsign has always stuck in my mind. I suppose I was just as weak as Jim was on my end and he could of easily blown me off as another one in a couple hundred thousand US hams wanting a QSL from Norfolk Island without digging in the mud for my call but he didn’t. Because of this years later when I had the privilege to be on the other end of the pileups I always kept in mind the little guy who might not have the biggest and most powerful signal. OM Jim will be missed.


February 16, 2009


Hi Ulis and André. This is a big loss for the ham community indeed. RIP Jim.