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July 2009


TA7X in KN90 worked for a new grid on 6M

Posted: July 2nd, 2009 under Hamradio, Soundclips.

ta7x Well, a pretty small report this time. 6M hasn’t really produced any big dx the last week. On Sunday we had an aurora for the first time in a while. I worked OH1XT. He was the only signal on the band at that time. Nearly 3 hours later, the band opened again. I had the KP59 TV transmitter in on auroral-e. LA7SIX started appearing and then OH9SIX was also in. JP77 TV transmitter suddenly came in with a booming signal. Then the transmitter around 49750 started going auroral and stations started appearing. I called cq, but soon enough realized that I didn’t hear as well as I wanted. Several stations reported I couldn’t hear them. My problem is that I have a noise source that peaks at around 340-350 degrees. Noiseblanker does help a little bit, but the noise also kills the weak signals. I stopped cq’ing after working a few stations. Suddenly signals started coming in with clean signals, and I started hearing JW9SIX and JW7SIX. No new grids were worked in this opening, but it was fun to try aurora with my new antenna. The band was still open when I went to bed around 21z. 

On Monday, the band was open when I got home. I was listening for something new to work, and TA7X in KN90 appeared. He had a strong signal, and was easily worked. I also worked 4O3A for a new band. IT9TYR was in strong in a difficult skip-distance. 4X stations were also heard with OD and 5B beacons also coming in. I was hoping for 4J9M to show, but no signal here. Nothing was heard from the TZ or V2 expeditions either.


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July 7, 2009



Nice website and enjoyed reading your latest 6m DX ! Great stuff. I am back on 6m since a few years. I used a simple dipole, but since 2 weeks have a 4 element DK7ZB in use and made nice DX. Not compared to you but it’s big fun to be back on 6 again. Hope to work you as well and to enjoy your reports on this site.
Best 73’s Cees PA3FXO


July 7, 2009


Hi Cees.

Thanks for dropping by. Glad you liked my page. I try to report about my activities and what can be worked from Norway on 6M. I think You’ll notice a big difference between the dipole and the yagi. I worked with a 4 element yagi for many years, but the 7 element is better. Good dx and hope to see you on the band.

73 de Andreas, LA8AJA