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July 2009


6M aurora, eme and new grids

Posted: July 23rd, 2009 under EME, Hamradio, LoTW.

w1jj_cq Sunday wasn’t over after the last report. Instead of editing my last post a third time, I decided to save it for this post. I noticed LA5UF spotting KP4EIT on SSB, but I was too late. A few hours later, the band suddenly opened to northern OH. I heard and worked OH8UV and OH7HXH. Finally I managed to get OH7HXH in KP53. We have tried several times, but just not had any luck. Several of the northern beacons appeared one after another. JW5SIX, JW7SIX, JW9SIX, LA7SIX and OH9SIX were all in time to time. LA5TFA/p was heard from KP09. I have worked him before, so I didn’t bother to call. I noticed OH9VC from KP16 was on, but I didn’t hear him here. SM200PAX suddenly came in with a good signal. The distance is about 600km, quite short for auroral-es, but he gave me a new square with KP03.

When I came home from work on Monday, 6M was active with aurora. I got on quickly and the first station was SM200PAX, this time on aurora. A few minutes later, I worked LA3ANA in JP53 for a new square. I also worked several OH and SM stations and also one ES station called me. I tried to get LA7DFA in JP33 in the log, but he didn’t have aurora at the time he was qrv.

Wednesday morning I noticed aurora when I woke up. LA7DFA was cq’ing and this time I got him. I’ve been hunting JP33 for a long time. The signals this morning was very strong. I called cq and got called be several OH stations. One was OH7UE in KP52, which was a new grid. This brings my total grids on 6M to 566. The aurora was still active when I had to live for work. When I got home, Mick W1JJ was running on eme. When the moon got down to about 15 degrees, I called him. After a few passes I noticed he called me back, and the qso was quickly finished after that. Mick was quite strong with -16. That was my second eme qso with the 6m7jhv yagi.

On Monday, I uploaded my log to LoTW. I got K8MFO, ZC4LI and JM1KNQ confirmed, all worked during the weekend. Later JA5BGA uploaded his log too. All qsoes on 6M. Keep the confirmations coming!


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