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July 2010


Google Earth and Hamradio 2

Posted: July 30th, 2010 under Hamradio, Software.

I've been using Google Earth quite a lot lately. I liked the pathplots I wrote about earlier, which I also have used in several posts. I made a small how-to on that here. I wrote a post back in 2008 about Google Earth and Hamradio which you can see here. If you haven't heard about Google Earth, it's a free program from Google. Read more and download here.

9a5cw_ja_6m The reason I'm writing "part 2", is that 9A5CW Patrik pasted a link to a screenshot where he had lots of nice stuff drawn up. I asked him how, and he gave me a link. His screenshot is attached here. The link he gave me, was to live muf by G7RAU. This is very useful for you so you can follow how the muf climbs and maybe predict an ES-opening on VHF. I also use it to quickly show the 6m openings in progress right now. I find it more useful to see the spots drawn up than looking at lots of spots. You need to create a login to get access to some parts of the site. To only see VHF spots and the live muf, there are a few links that doesn't require login. Click to check out G7RAU's site.

Another nice thing was to also show the realtime aurora oval based on data from NOAA. To get that in Google Earth, go here and choose the "automatically updating Aurora viewing map".

If you want to see where the 6M beacons are placed, take a look at OE1SMC's site and grab the kml-file to display in Google Earth.

And finally, the last overlay presented here is the TEC (Total Electron Count) map. The map is useful for studying the radio propagation. Grab the overlay here.

Here are some examples of how my Google Earth looks like with different overlays:

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