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July 2014


2 new on 6M with 9K and 8P

Posted: July 13th, 2014 under 6M, Hamradio.

8p_barbados First qso in June came on the 4th. I worked FS/W6IZT on 20M CW. JY9FC was worked on 6M CW. ZA/PA2CHR was worked on 6M SSB. R7AL/5 was worked on 20M CW from iota EU-180. I’m not sure this one is valid though, according to some cluster spots, it is not.

On the 8th, I worked a small 6m opening. I worked I, LZ, HB9, DL and YO.

On the 9th, I worked F4FET/p on 20M SSB from EU-107. In the afternoon, I was lucky to catch 9K2MU on 6M CW for a new one on 6M. At the time of this writing, the qso was also confirmed on LoTW. Thank you Murtada!

On June 10th, I worked SA6G/7 on 20M CW from EU-137 for a new iota. RZ9DX/9/p was worked on 20M CW from AS-005 for a new iota.

On June 15th, I worked MS0WRC on 40M SSB from EU-092 for a new iota.

On July 1st, I worked 8P6SH on 6M SSB for a new one on 6M. I did hear FG and 9Y, but I didn’t call them, as I had worked them before.

On July 2nd, I did copy DU7/PA0HIP on 6M CW. I heard his cq in and out for several minutes, and I gave him a call. He responded, but I did not copy him when giving me a report. The signal had much qsb with some qrm on the side. That would have been a new one for me. Anyway, it was nice to hear DU on 6M.

On July 3rd, I had an opening to North-America late in the evening. I worked 19 qsoes with Alabama as a new state. YV4NN was copied for a few minutes after the opening to North-America, but he faded before I could work him. Earlier in the day, I did hear T6DD on 6M CW for a few minutes, but it was not enough for a qso. Pity, as it would have been a new one for me.

On July 4th, I worked EX9T on 6M CW in MN82 for a new grid. UN3GX was also worked on 6M CW.

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