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June 2016


Delayed dx report

Posted: June 17th, 2016 under Dxpedition, Hamradio, Soundclips.

vk9ck_qsl_front Wow, it’s been 3 months since my last post. Let’s get this show running again. I’ve been quite busy, but hopefully I’ll get around to write some more stuff here for those that read this page. I have worked some more radio this year, than the previous year. And the 6M season has started again.  Ok, let’s get on to the radio reporting stuff. Several LA’s has been qrv from exotic places, and I managed to work them on several bands. I also have some soundclips for you to enjoy.

On February 29th, I worked VK5MAV/6 on 40M CW from iota OC-243. This was a new iota for me.

On March 2nd, I worked 3XY1T on 12M CW. C91IJ was also worked on 12M CW.

On March 4th, I worked C92CC on 15M CW for a new one on 15M. 4S7RTG was worked on 30M CW.

On March 5th, I worked HS3NBR/P on 30M CW from AS-145. RI1PA was worked on 40M CW from EU-085 for a new iota.

On March 7th, I worked PZ5W on 30M RTTY.

On March 9th, I worked TX7EU and T32WW on 30M CW. S01WS was worked on 40M CW. 5J0P was worked on 15M CW. 3DA0CC was worked on 12M CW for a new one on 12M. 3DA0IJ was worked on 10M CW for a new one on 10M.

On March 14th, I worked N5WR/4 on 15M CW from NA-213 for a new iota. 3C7A (LA7GIA) was worked on 15M CW for a new one on 15M.

On March 15th, I worked 3C7A on 10M CW for a new one on 10M.

On March 16th, I worked VK9CK (LA-team) on 17M CW.

On March 19th, I worked VE7ACN/7 on 30M CW from NA-051 for a new iota. 3C7A was worked on 20M CW.

On March 20th, I worked VK9CK on 10M and 20M CW.

On March 21st, I worked VK9CK on 40M CW and 20M RTTY. The 20M contact was a new one on RTTY and 20M.

On March 22nd, I worked VK9CK on 30M CW and 20M SSB.

On March 24th, I worked VK9CK on 15M CW. VE7ACN/7 was worked on 30M CW again, but this time from NA-061. That was also a new iota. 5V7D was worked on 15M RTTY for a new one on RTTY.

On March 29th, I worked VK0EK on 40M CW for a new one on 40M.

On March 30th, I worked YS3/DL5YWM on 40M CW from NA-190 for a new iota.

I’ll report more in a future post, but I must say the dx activity has been quite nice the last few months with new dxcc’s, iota’s and bandcountries.


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