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January 2009


The callsign is K5D – Desecheo 2009

Posted: January 26th, 2009 under DX, Dxpedition, Hamradio.

This just landed in my mailbox:

We have reserved the special call sign K5D for our upcoming Desecheo operation. The operation will begin late in the day on Feb 12th.  
QSO philosophy…because Desecheo is so very rare ( #6 worldwide, #3 in Europe and # 2 in Asia ) there are many, many hams worldwide that need KP5 for an all-time new one. Therefore, we are asking that you not contact the Dxpedition on any band/mode that you have confirmed from a previous DXpedition. This will allow the people who really need a new DXCC entity a better opportunity to get through the pileups.  
Our objective is not to establish a world record for contacts…there will be no "greenies", no boxes to check, no competitions for most band/mode QSOs, no certificate or awards for contacting the Dxpedition more times than anyone else. So, if you have KP5 already confirmed on a particular band/mode, we respectfully ask that you exercise restraint. If, late in the DXpedition, we are calling CQ for contacts, we will welcome your call.
The team has encountered higher expenses than anticipated. These mainly involve the transportation and feeding of other personnel that will be traveling to the island with us. Approximately ten other personnel will share our campsite and facilities for the duration of the DXpedition. They will be on Island with us to provide security and carry out field research. Therefore, we ask that you consider a contribution to the DXpedition to help with these incremental expenses. Just go to and click the button that reads" How you can Help".
We are all counting the days until we assemble in Puerto Rico on Feb 7th.  
Bob Allphin- K4UEE
Glenn Johnson-W0GJ
K5D co-leaders

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February 11, 2009


Do you really think the Hams in North America are going to QRT so that Europe and Asia can be worked?? Unfortunately, I doubt it. You’ll need to call for Europe or Asia only. It’s too bad there’s not a way to copy the calls of those who don’t abide by a dxpeditions rules and then make sure they don’t get a QSL. The same would apply to those who make duplicate contacts. For very rare dxpeditions, contacts should be limited to one mode per band. That would allow more individuals to get one contact with the new one. It’s hard to figure out a way to do that though. I won’t create much QRM as I believe I have KP5 confirmed on 160 and 80…..will have to check 80. Best of luck to you guys. Be careful and have fun. 73, Dave N8AG


February 11, 2009


Hi Dave.

The pile-up’s will be big on this one, so it is very much up to the operator to handle this. It will be interesting to see how the pile-up will behave. I don’t have KP5 worked at all, so any mode/band will be new. Good luck with this one.

73, Andreas LA8AJA