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September 2009


FT5GA Glorioso 2009 latest news – soon qrv

Posted: September 14th, 2009 under Dxpedition, Hamradio.

The Glorioso team are on their way. Hopefully they will be qrv and in the log soon. This will be an all-time new for me. Read the latest news below.

September 14, 2009

The FT5GA team landed safe on late Saturday, at Saint Denis de la Reunion Airport. While this week end, the members of the crew spent some time to check and finalize the laptops and the Wintest soft. They were heard doing that on the bands, barefoot, on Sunday using CW and RTTY, from Sainte-Clotilde.

This morning the departure to Mayotte is scheduled around 09:00 local time. Then they will fly to Glorieuses, were they are expected to land around the end of the afternoon. To night I’ll call them by satellite cell phone to know approximately when they will begin to traffic.

The Higher Authorities of the Territory and the other from the French Forces presence on the island, may delayed that a little bit. So it seems reasonable to expect the first signals on Tuesday in the morning. (GMT time)

By the way I will thank all of our pilots and friends who are ready QRV to collect all the useful information to permit us the best traffic organization. Jeff, F6AOJ did a good job and send it us, about propagations predictions, Floyd is ready to receive and transmit us all what will be useful for the Whole American Continent. We know the poor conditions to day for the FT/G/Americas way so with the pilot help we will try to be as top as possible for them. This morning, Lee, ZL2AL sent us some predictions for the VK/ZL area. The Middle and Far Asian observation are awaited, and will come soon.

The FT5GA has the chance to offer you a rare possibility to get the 4th Most Wanted country (The last time was in the 1999/2000); Could we ask the Ham community to don’t mess up the party ?
Please hear and hear before coming in the pile up. The operators will give also some instructions while beeing behind laptops, keys and mikes. They have received strict orders to keep the traffic under their control.

The logbooks will be able as soon as possible on the Web page at :
Rafik, F5CQ our webmaster, will update as often as possible, receiving conditions permitting. Thank to him too for the big job done in the past and for that he will have to do in the next days.

So beam your antennas, keep your ears and rigs ready. The crew members are motivated as ever and they will do all their best to make all of you happy.

73’s de Didier, F5OGL  – Gloriosos 2009 team leader


For more info about the expedition, go the website here.

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