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December 2009


#242 and #243 on LoTW with YS4U and EA6IB

Posted: December 22nd, 2009 under Hamradio, LoTW.

lotw-logo-c.jpg Last week I got two new ones confirmed on LoTW. The first was YS4U (#242 LoTW) who I worked on 20M CW and the second one was EA6IB (#243 LoTW) on 40M CW, both in CQWW CW.

I have had a few days off from work and have had some time to play with radio. Conditions on 30M and 40M are quite good at this time of the year, and the sun sets around 14z at my qth. I can easily take advantage of the grayline propagation to Japan and the US west coast now. I've been mostly on 30M working a lot of stations from the US and also several stations from Japan. I was answered by YB1RGK Bernd on 30M CW one day for a new one (#259 30M). One day I even got a pile up from EU, not really sure why though. LA shouldn't be that rare on 30M but maybe it has something to do with LoTW? I'm pretty quick to upload my latest log and the quickest confirmation for me so far has to be W8RIT only 16 minutes after our contact. Several of the stations on 30M and 40M has also been confirmed the same day. Today I worked ST2AR on 30M CW for a new one (#260 30M). He had a strong signal and it was the third band I got him on.

I am also trying to complete my LoTW WAS. I have 45 states mixed and the ones missing are Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, North Dakota and Wyoming. I worked Mississippi today, and he is listed as a LoTW user, so hopefully only 4 will be missing soon. One day I'll complete all 50 for sure.

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Tom Menas, K3WT

December 28, 2009


Glad you got to confirm YS4U in LoTW. I was one of the five operators at YS4U. You can read more of our story on. We had a lot of fun and appreciate you contacting us.

73, Tom, YS4/K3WT
k3wt (at)


December 28, 2009


Hi Tom. Thanks for stopping by. I was very happy to work you guys on 20M. I did hear you on 40M, but I couldn’t break the pile-up. I did work Gregor on 40M after the contest however. Hope you had a good time and did well in the contest. Thanks for being there!

73, Andreas LA8AJA