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June 2010


E4X #125 on 6M and plenty of new grids

Posted: June 4th, 2010 under 6M, Hamradio.

e4x After the aurora on Saturday, I thought the band would take some time to pick up again. Well, I was wrong. A few hours after the big aurora, KP4EIT suddenly came through and I quickly worked him. Nothing else from that area was worked. I tried to call, but didn't get any real dx, though CU2JT answered my call. It was nice to finally work Gary on 6M. EI, GW and G was also worked and then suddenly an hour or so later, CU1EZ was heard and worked. CU1EZ is in HM76, and it was a new grid.

On Sunday, I noticed E4X being spotted on 6M and having a path to northern Europe. After monitoring and calling a few times when E4X was audible, he suddenly came up. I logged him as second or third LA station on 6M. That was #125 on 6M. In the evening, the northern path opened again. All JW beacons were booming in. LA5TFA/P in KP09 and TF8GX in HP84 was worked. OX3KQ was on but I couldn't read him. I only heard some weak signal.

On Monday, the northern path opened again and the JW beacons were heard once again. The path also moved a bit more to the north-east and east and I worked several OH-stations. One new grid was worked with OH9RG in KP25. A few hours later, the path had changed to a more north-western path. OX3KQ was suddenly in strong and I gave him a quick call. The path was holding up and moved more to the south. YV4DYJ was suddenly in on 50110. I gave him a call and got a new grid with FK50. It was his first LA station. FM5AA in FK94 was worked in CW a few minutes later.

Tuesday brought yet another 6M opening. This time it was very good to Ukraine and to the south-east. E4X was worked on 6M SSB. UR5MW KN98, UT7IL KN87, UT4UO KO71, UR5LCV KO80 and J48HW KN20 all gave me a new grid. LA3ANA JP53 was worked on backscatter to the south-east.

On Wednesday I only worked E4X on 30M RTTY for #193 on RTTY.

Thursday gave me T6MB on 20M RTTY (#194 RTTY, #276 20M). 6M brought also an opening in the evening to the east. Several OH, ES and YL stations were worked. LA2RZ JP20 was worked on backscatter to the east. This opening lasted several hours and was quite intense. The 49.747MHz TV-transmitter in KO85 pinned my meter, and several others were 40-50 db over 9. I was hoping to work the KO49 grid, but no station did show up. I'm at 596 grids total on 6M now.

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June 11, 2010


Well done! From here in Brooklyn, NY, the pileups I heard for E4X were deep and impressive. My station is very modest, but I did manage to get into the log on 30m CW. That was enough for me as I grow too impatient with big pileups.


June 11, 2010


Hi Steve.

Thanks for stopping by. Congratulations with your E4X QSO. It’s way more difficult from your part of the world. Here it is quite easy in comparison. We just have to beat the southern EU-wall. I heard them on 10M, but I couldn’t break the pile-up. 6M was great fun, and I heard them plenty of times after the first 6M qso.

Good dx and 73 de Andreas, LA8AJA.