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March 2011


4 new on RTTY with S2, FP, R1F and V8

Posted: March 28th, 2011 under DX, Hamradio, RTTY.

Band conditions are really picking up, and several expeditions are on for the time being.

March 20th gave me VU4PB on 17M CW, S21YZ on 30M RTTY (#211 RTTY) and OX3XR on 30M CW. I probably duped S21YZ. I noticed my call being sent, but never got the report or the confirmation of the contact. Someone had to make qrm on top of the signal, so I managed to work him for sure 20 minutes later.

March 22nd gave me FP/W6HGF on 30M RTTY (#212 RTTY), and the contact is confirmed on LoTW.

March 26th gave me RI1FJ on 17M RTTY (#213 RTTY). He had a nice and strong signal. He was on 30M the night before, but I couldn't decode him. Another station that had a nice and strong signal was V85/9M6XRO on 20M RTTY. I had to wait maybe 45 minutes to get him. He was only working NA. You can say I was frustrated about such a strong signal and not be able to work him. Too many times in the past, the path dies out before the stations starts to work EU. Luckily this time this wasn't the case. Thanks John for my third new RTTY country. The previous ones were 7P and 9M6.

March 27th was quite good on 12M CW. BA7LO was worked with a nice and strong signal. VR2UW also had a nice signal. 9M2MRS and 5X1NH were worked for 2 new ones on 12M. The last station worked on 12M was YB0AKM. I tried to get FY5LH and HP1/IZ6BRN on 12M RTTY, but the signals weren't too strong and I couldn't get through. That would have been two new on LoTW.

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