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April 2011


3 new on LoTW with XX9, V8 and V3

Posted: April 5th, 2011 under DX, Hamradio, LoTW, RTTY.

Recently I've gotten several new ones on LoTW. My goal of 300 is getting closer and closer. I've gotten a few surprises that I didn't expect. Last year I worked XX9TLX and last week I got my contacts on LoTW. Yesterday I got V85/9M6XRO. That wasn't really a surprise, since all the past years 9M6XRO activations has been uploaded to LoTW so far. Today I got another nice surprise with V31JP for #280 on LoTW. That was from a contact back in 1999. I have several V3 stations, but it seems I've always missed the ones that use LoTW.

Now for some dx worked the last week.

March 28th gave me the following stations:

  • VP5/W5CW on 15M CW, my 5th band
  • 9N7AN on 30M CW, or so I thought. I'm not in the log.
  • PJ4/W9NJY was worked on 17M CW for a new one on 17M.
  • YN2ET was worked on 17M SSB for a new one on SSB.
  • OX3XR was worked on 17M CW for our 6th band.
  • HR5/F2JD was worked on 17M CW
  • YN2ER was worked on 15M CW
  • J39BS was worked on 15M CW

March 29nd I worked these stations:

  • VO2NS 15M CW
  • VP5/W5CW 12M CW, my 6th band
  • PJ4/W9NJY 15M CW, new on 15M

March 30th:

  • D2AM 17M SSB
  • CU7MD 17M SSB LoTW user
  • KD4POJ 17M CW Dwayne in ND

March 31st:

  • WY7LL 15M SSB Leo in WY, LoTW user
  • 9N7AN 30M CW again

April 1st:

  • A65BR 12M RTTY new on 12M
  • 9N7AN 17M CW and both my 9N qsoes are in the log
  • JW/F8DVD 40M CW some flutter, but nice signal

April 4th:

  • P29VCX 30M CW OC-101, new IOTA for me
  • KD4POJ 17M RTTY New RTTY state, 6 more to go on RTTY
  • TK1CX 17M RTTY LoTW user

Conditions has been quite good lately and the higher bands has been open late in the evening. Some of the other confirmations I've gotten on LoTW are KD4POJ, J39BS, PJ4/W9NJY, WY7LL, TK1CX, OX3XR and HR5/F2JD.

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