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July 2011


#286 and #287 on LoTW with 9U0A and CP6AA

Posted: July 1st, 2011 under 6M, DX, Hamradio, LoTW.

lotw-logo-c.jpg New confirmations on LoTW has been slow. I'm still waiting for a few I know till upload the log though. One I had been waiting for, was 9U0A. I worked them back in November 2010, and the log was uploaded some time last week. One I didn't see coming, was CP6AA. That means I'm up to #287 on LoTW. 13 more to go for 300 all on LoTW.

As for radio, well I was on holiday in Cyprus last week with no radio. I didn't miss much except that DU and A6 was worked in LA on 6M. Who knows, I might have worked them. The A61Q qso was probably a first and was made by LA8HGA. Another first for the list was PJ4E worked by LA8AV on June 18th.

The first qso I worked after the holiday, was Peter JW7QIA on 6M CW June 27th. Peter will stay there for a few days as I wrote in my last post.

June 28th brought a good 6M opening. I worked UK8OM in MN51 for a new grid, and I worked UK9AA in MN41. SY9VHF was worked in KM15 for yet another new grid. Total grid count is now #671 on 6M.

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July 2, 2011


Your doing fine like always Andy 🙂
Conditions has been poor here in JP33 lately, but JW7QIA has been doing great from JQ68! Just shows whats possible with a good opeator at the right time. Hope JX5O are lucky with some DX on 50MHz too!

I am thinking of getting a better QTH in a few years. Living in a dense city is killing my posibillities to operate with a decent station. The noiselevel is awful too 🙁

I am slowly climbing towards DXCC on six. 55 countries worked 2 SSB, 1 JT6M and 52 on CW. I am sure some F2 or decent conditions on ES could change that. Have not been hearing any other DX than W and VE this summer.


July 2, 2011


Hi Per.

Yeah, I shouldn’t be complaining. It’s very much tougher the further north you go. I just feel that this season I’ve noticed a bigger difference with the stations a little bit further south than previous seasons. Peter was very lucky with the conditions, and seems like I caught some of it yesterday as well.

I can only imagine your noise. I’m pretty lucky here, and most of the noise comes from my own equipment.

55 is quite good from your part of the world. It took me 4 years to get to 100 worked on 6M. I was lucky wih F2 openings. I’m hoping for some more F2 now that I have a much better setup compared to last time. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and good DX on SIX.