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November 2013


More iotas and more dx

Posted: November 17th, 2013 under Hamradio, Iota, Soundclips.

vk5ce_4_qsl I have worked a few new islands since last time, but it has slowed down a lot the last month. Anyway, here's my report since last time.

On October 17th, I worked VK5CE/4 on 15M and 20M SSB from OC-255. Craig was on yet another iota-trip and gave me a new iota. Thanks a lot! Listen to his signal on the bottom of the post. TN2MS was worked on 17M CW for a new bandcountry.

On October 19th, I worked TN2MS on 12M CW for a new one on 12. W4/SP5APW was worked on 20M SSB from NA-138 for a new iota.

On October 20th, I worked TN2MS on 10M and 15M SSB. Both were new bandcountries. TJ3AY was worked on 12M SSB for a new one on 12. C82DX was worked on 12M CW.

On October 21st, I worked C82DX on 10M CW. B9/BY9GA was worked on 15M CW from zone 23. W4/SP5APW was again on 20M SSB, this time from NA-076. Which was a new iota for me.

On October 22nd, I worked YB9Y on 17M CW from OC-276 for a new iota. HS0ZKG was worked on 30M CW from AS-101 for a new iota. ZD8JR was worked on 12M CW. C82DX was worked on 17M and 20M CW. Both were new bandcountries.

On October 23rd, I worked HL4CYP on 10M CW for a new one on 10. BG2AUE and VR2UW was also worked on 10M CW.

On October 24th, I worked TI3/N3KS on 15M and 12M CW. YB9Y was worked on 30M CW.

On October 25th, I worked T6T on 12M CW for a new one on 12.

During CQWW SSB (October 26th/27th) I worked around 100 qsoes. I chased a few new states here and there to fill up a few missing slots in the triple-play award (worked all states on cw, ssb and digital mode). XE3/K5ENS was worked on 10M SSB from NA-045. That was a new iota, and a new country and zone on 10M.


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