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April 2015


5 new iota’s and 1 new dxcc on CW

Posted: April 18th, 2015 under DX, Hamradio, Soundclips.

eritrea Here is a small report since last time. I’ve been fortunate to work a few new islands lately and a new dxcc on CW.

On March 6th, I worked VK7FG on 30M CW from OC-195. That was a new iota, and it was confirmed on LoTW recently.

On March 8th, I worked E30FB on 40M CW. Or at least I thought I did. The contact didn’t show up in the log, so I guess it was a pirate.

On March 10th, I worked E30FB on 12M CW. This was a good qso and it was a new one on CW.

On March 12th, I worked E30FB on 10M CW for a new one on 10M. 9Q0HQ was worked on 12M CW for a new one on 12M.

On April 1st, I worked Craig VK5CE/p on 15M SSB. This time he was activating OC-220, which was a new iota for me. A few hours later, I managed to work K2ZR/4 on 12M CW from NA-062. That was new iota for me. I know he is active from there several times a year, and I have tried before, but signals has been too weak. This time the signal was quite good, but as I called him, the qsb almost made it impossible. YB8RW/3 was worked on 15M CW from OC-250 for a new iota.

On April 4th, I worked YB4IR/7 on 15M CW from OC-269 for a new iota. A few hours later, I worked YB8RW/3 on 20M CW, this time from OC-237. I duped him, as I had a station calling cq test for a very long time on the same qrg. I was pretty sure of the first qso, but I found it better to be safe than sorry.


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