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June 2016


Not so delayed dx report…

Posted: June 20th, 2016 under DX, Soundclips.

1u4un Here is the DX report from April till today. The 6M report will come in another post.

On April 1st, I worked VK0EK on 40M CW for a new one on 40M. I haven’t worked them on any higher bands, and the conditions hasn’t been too good for propagation to that area from my QTH. But they have been quite good on 40M and 30M at times.

On April 2nd, I worked Nicolas TY2AC on 30M CW.

On April 5th, I worked FT4JA on 15M and 30M CW. That was a new dxcc on CW, and a new country on both bands. They have had quite a good signal, but the pile-up has also been quite big.

On April 7th, I worked FT4JA on 12M CW. 9M0O was worked on 30M CW.

On April 8th, I worked FT4JA on 15M SSB and RTTY. That was a new one on RTTY and 15M. 3B8MM was worked on 40M CW.

On April 9th, I worked ET7L on 30M CW and ZF2LC on 20M CW.

On April 14th, I worked A25UK on 17M CW.

On April 16th, I worked EP2A on 30M CW, 15M CW and 20M CW. T88SM was worked on 20M CW for a new one on 20M.

On April 17th, I worked A25UK on 10M CW.

On April 18th, I worked EP2A on 17M CW, 40M CW and 30M RTTY. V55DX was worked on 15M RTTY for a new one on RTTY.

On April 19th, I worked Dima 1U4UN on 30M CW. Read the story about the King here.

On April 20th, I worked EP2A on 20M SSB. RT92KA was worked on 20M CW from iota AS-092 for a new iota.

On April 21st, I worked EP2A on 15M SSB.

On April 22nd, I worked 5W0XG and KH8/KC0W on 20M CW. Both were new ones on 20M. That means I have over 300 dxcc’s worked on 20M.

On April 28th, I worked A91HI on 15M SSB and 30M CW from iota AS-202. That was a new iota for me.

On May 20th, I worked J68GU on 20M RTTY for a new one on RTTY.

On May 29th, I worked SV2RSG on 20M CW. That’s the new ham that is active from Mount Athos.


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