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June 2016


#148 worked on 6M with 3B9FR

Posted: June 27th, 2016 under 6M, DX, Soundclips.

3b9fr_qsl The 6M sporadic-e season started out pretty early for me this year. Usually the good openings starts well into May.

On May 4th, I worked UB7K on 6M CW. Since Russia hasn’t been allowed on 6M, except for a few special cases, this was the first contact with Russia that had a valid licence. UB7K is also on LoTW, that means that I finally got Russia confirmed on 6M. A bit later that day, TEP lined up with sporadic-e. The surprise was that I could suddenly hear 3B9FR. After a few calls, I got him in the log for #148 on 6M. Robert is also on LoTW, so I got that one quickly confirmed as well.

On May 8th, we had a small aurora on 6M. I worked OH, LA, SM, ES, YL, OZ, OY and G.

On May 15th, I worked R6KA on 6M CW. He does also have a valid licence for 6M.

On May 21st, I worked SU1SK on 6M CW. SU is pretty rare on 6M, and I heard him for a while.

On May 25th, I worked IT9PQJ on 6M CW.

On May 26th, I worked EI, SV, OE, CN, C3 and Z3 on 6M.

On May 27th, I worked UN6T on 6M CW. I did copy 3A2MW with a good signal, but I could not break the pile-up. I still need 3A on 6M, and I have only heard a signal a few times from there. This was the best ever heard.

On May 29th, I got a surprise opening to Japan on 6M. I managed to two stations, and heard a few others. The opening didn’t last more than perhaps 10-15 minutes. That’s only my fourth opening to Japan on 6M.

On May 30th, I worked EX8M on 6M CW.

On May 31st, I had an opening to JT1CO on 6M. But I didn’t manage to work him. I was out for around 30 minutes, when I got him, another LA had worked him. I checked my CW Skimmer, and it was clear that I had copied him quite well. It only shows that 6M can be a frustrating band. You have to be in front of the radio all the time if you want to get all the action. This is just not possible.


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