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November 2016


Small opening to North-America on 6M

Posted: November 17th, 2016 under 6M, Hamradio, Soundclips.

6m_august_2016_na_opening Time flies way too fast. I see that I haven’t written anything here since late July. 6M season ES-season is done here. It’s more back to working meteorscatter or the occasional aurora. However, when you think the summer season is done, it throws you a curveball. In August we had a surprise opening to North America on 6M. You can see the grids worked in the attached picture. The tool was generated with a tool written by DL4MFM. You can try the tool here.

On June 15th, we got an opening on 6M to Northern Norway. I worked LA7DHA in JP68 and LA7HAA in JP78. JP68 was a new grid on 6M.

On June 19th, I worked A45XR on 6M CW. 9K2NO was worked on 6M CW from LL39. That was a new grid on 6M.

On June 21st, I worked LA/DK2BJ on 6M JT6M from JP44 for a new grid.

On August 8th, I worked LB7FA on 6M JT6M from JP88 for a new grid.

On August 9th, I worked EI9E on 6M SSB from IO44 for a new grid. I did also copy S01WS on 6M CW for a quite a while.

On August 13th, I worked OJ0DX on 6M CW on backscatter from around 150 degrees. The signal had heavy qsb, but peaked S9 at times.

On August 14th, I got a surprise opening to North America on 6M. I managed to work 10 stations, and 3 of them were new calls in the log.  The opening was concentrated into a pretty small area, and I only worked FN31, FN41, FN42, FN43, FN44, FN54 and FN65. That was the first time I every worked USA and Canada on 6M in August.

On August 20th, I worked CY9C on 40M and 30M CW.

On August 23rd, I got a nice aurora on 6M. I worked 21 stations in GM, OH, LA, SM, OZ and EI. LA6TPA was worked on 6M CW in JP54 for a new grid.

On August 24th, I worked 5A1AL on 30M CW.

On August 26th, I worked CY9C on 20M CW.

On August 27th, I worked CY9C on 17M SSB and CW. K9AJ/VY0 was worked on 20M CW from NA-159 for a new iota.


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