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November 2013


DX, dx, dx… and even some 80M DX.

Posted: November 27th, 2013 under Hamradio, Iota, Soundclips.

I started the month of November off with a new iota on November 2nd. 4X6HP/P was worked on 20M and 17M CW from AS-100. 5J0R was worked on 40M SSB for a new one on 40. 4Z5IW/P was worked on 17M SSB from AS-100.

On November 3rd I worked TX5RV (Austral Island) on 12M CW for a new one on 12M. I also put up a low hanging 80M inv-v to get back on that band. I'm aiming to finish my 80M LoTW DXCC. I have DXCC confirmed, but that's with cards and LoTW.

On November 5th I worked 5J0R on 80M for a new one on 80M. It was quite a surprise to work them that easy. They had a nice and strong signal here. A little later I worked 5J0R on 40M CW.

On November 6th I worked 5J0R on 30M and 20M CW.

On November 8th I managed to work K9W (Wake) on 40M CW for a new one on CW and 40M. 5J0R was worked on 17M CW. T33A was worked on 30M for a new one on 30.

On November 14th I worked K9W on 30M for a new one on 30.

On November 15th I worked J88HL on 17M from NA-109 for a new iota. XZ1J was worked on 40M CW. JW8HGA was worked on 17M CW.

On November 16th I worked JW8HGA on 80M CW.

On November 17th I worked JW8HGA on 12M/15M SSB, and 12M CW. KH8/WD5COV was worked on 20M CW for a new one on CW. I have only one qso with KH8 before this, and that was all the way back in 1998, so it was nice to finally get the country on CW as well. FJ/DK7LX was worked on 12M CW for a new one on 12M.

On November 18th I worked J88HL on 80M for a new one on 80M.

On November 20th I worked 4U1ITU on 80M for a new one on 80M.

On November 21st I managed to work VP9/WA1Z and 4K6FO on 80M CW for two new ones on 80. 6Y7W and 4L/UU0JM was also worked on 80M.

On November 22nd I worked PJ7/N7QT, PJ4/KU8E and XT26DJ on 80M CW for three new ones on 80M. EA6/DL6RAI was also worked on 80M CW. PJ2/K2PLF and PJ4/K4BAI was worked on 20M CW for two new ones on 20M.

November har been quite a month with many expeditions and lots of dx being active. Though several of the expeditions has not been very good at working europeans when we have good conditions, but instead continue to work stuff they can work most of the time when band is not open to Europe. Chosing band has also been quite strange at times. One expedition had good signal on 30M, but suddenly went to 160M. A few minutes later, they were spotted with no takers. A while later, they were back on 30M when a DL and an OH station got through. The station however didn't bother to ask for more EU, instead they continued on with NA and JA. And once again, with a good signal, the station went to 160M. Frustration was quite high and I did see spots that people were not happy about this.

Another pacific expedition was on 30M and had quite a good signal, but was only asking for NA for hours on end. The dx station picked up a suffix of a european calling, but refused to work the station when they got the full call from EU. Why bother with EU when you can work strong NA-stations most of the day…

Enough ranting… The 80M inv-v continues to amaze me. I have worked more dx than I had expected with such a low hanging antenna. The center is about 8m over ground and the ends are sloping down to maybe 1m over ground. I have worked several new ones, and I have heard XR0YY, HK, FR, Z8, A9 and KL7 so far.


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