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Archive for 'Dxpedition'

#290 on LoTW with 8R1K

Posted: July 22nd, 2011 under DX, Dxpedition, Hamradio, LoTW.

This was yet another one I didn't expect that got uploaded today. The qsoes with 8R1K was worked back in 1997 and I do have a paperqsl for those qsoes. I see I have only 5 qsoes with 8R total, so it's even more fun to get it confirmed via LoTW. That brings my LoTW […]

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JW7QIA qrv on 6M June 27th – July 1st

Posted: June 27th, 2011 under 6M, DX, Dxpedition, Hamradio.

My friend Peter LA7QIA is once again active from JW. He is qrv on 6M from June 27th till July 1st. The qth is the JW7SIX beacon qth in JQ68tb. He is using 100w and a 3 element yagi. Peter had planned to use a 7 element lfa antenna, but it was delayed in the […]

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7 new grids on 6M and 1 new grid on 2M

Posted: June 14th, 2011 under 6M, DX, Dxpedition, Hamradio.

After the A4 opening I reported about in the last post, I didn't work anything until June 8th. Janne OH5LID had planned a trip to activate several squares on 4M and 6M. I was lucky enough to work him on JT6M on June 8th from KP17. That was my first new grid thanks to Janne. […]

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JW8HGA is qrv from May 18th-23rd

Posted: May 21st, 2011 under DX, Dxpedition, Hamradio, Soundclips.

My friend LA8HGA is now QRV as JW8HGA for a few days. He is using the JW5E clubstation. Look for him on CW on the HF bands. QSL via homecall. I worked him yesterday on 20M CW. He was weak at first, then he suddenly came in with a big signal. Listen to the recording […]

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LA6Q qrv now from EU-079 Gurskøy

Posted: April 30th, 2011 under DX, Dxpedition, Hamradio, Iota.

LA6Q are now active from IOTA EU-079 Gurskøy Island. Operators will be Bjorn, LA5UKA and Trond, LA9VDA. They will be QRV on 10M-80m on CW, RTTY and SSB. QSL is via LA9VDA.

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